Sunday, 3 August 2014

France Part 1

Sorry Sorry Sorry, I didn't have time to schedule posts while I was gone because exams T_T The results are coming in next Thursday so I'm stressing out... Anyhoo, you probably know that I was in France for a month and it was great.
On the first week, I stayed at my Aunt's house in rural Normandy.
 It is a really beautiful area which was even lovelier as the sun was shining and most of the flowers were in bloom, so we spent most of our time outside, making friends with the neighbourhood cats:
 There was Mimine, my Aunt's tubby darling, the black cat with no tail and the fuzzballs next door, Pompom and Chachat.
We had a few snail races and I did lots more work for my portfolio sketchbook. My cousin spent the weekend with us and helped me to find some great work experience.

Tune in for part 2 soon-ish 'u'