Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hello There

Hello there! I see you have, in some amazing  and somewhat unbelievable way, stumbled upon my blog, The World According to Paisley. My name isn't actually Paisley, though. It's not that important, so I guess you can call me Evie. Or just E. I am  currently seventeen, french but living in a dreary, sleepy part of the UK and I am a little eccentric. Well, a lot eccentric. In a good way (I hope).
When I'm not hibernating because of the dreadful weather, I can be found drawing. And drawing. And did I mention drawing? I also take a lot of pictures, write poetry and stories (There is a novel in progress) and if you were to look in my handbag, you would almost always find:
  • A sketchbook - I think that is self-explanatory
  • My camera (And about thirty eight batteries to keep it alive for more than ten minutes)
  • Tissues (I have hayfever and a permanent cold. Don't ask!)
  • A Blythe or four. Depending on which bag I am using, maybe more!
 I started blogging back in 2011, so maybe someone out there already knows me ToT , but recently whilst looking at my old posts, I realised that my creativity was all burned out, so escaped from that juvenile rubbish to start afresh in a brand spanking new blog.
So enjoy reading about my life and stuff, any comments are greatly appreciated, and who knows what may happen on this quest for imagination?

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